Tulcea-Nostalgic Guide-English Version

I propose you a nostalgic guide of the city of Tulcea in the old times. It addresses both the inhabitants of Tulcea, and also those who are passersby through our beautiful city. This volume can be read as a tour guide for those who do not know the city, and without being a boring historical tome, as a true monograph of Tulcea as well. The pages contain the presentation of ten objectives of historical and tourist interest with locations and technical details, and it also contain the more or less true story of each one. These stories are taken from historical documents from the press of those times or simply they are anecdotes that we have received till now by word of mouth. The charm of this book, addressed to all travelers that are romantic, nostalgic and exquisite, it is the novelty of these stories and the collection of several dozen images of the old city of Tulcea. As a conclusion, I invite you to a genuine travel in the old times of the city with people, streets, houses and monuments, all with their own stories, each one more interesting  than the other.

IMPORTANT: Toate cărțile au același preț (pentru a nu ne încurca în socoteli :-)), respectiv 20 lei la autor și în jur de 25 la Librăria Casei Cărții din Tulcea… . Pentru confort maxim, se poate trimite de către autor (cu autograf, dacă se dorește) prin poștă, cu taxe poștale gratuite și la prețul de 20 lei volumul. CONTACT: nicolaeariton@yahoo.com